Bombas Yunk



Pump body with special raccords

For Sanitary Series.

Stainless steel casing

Protects the motor and guarantees it remains in clean and hygienic conditions.

For G, R-10 and R-20 pumps.


Inverter with 16-A, 4 poles Zetac plug.

Enables the flow direction to be inverted.

Start – stop button.

Transport wheelbarrow

To facilitate movement or manual transfer of the equipments.

Electrical box with inverter

For R-10, R-20 and R-50 pump and pumps with stainless steel casing. Include thermal protection.

Dahlender Box

These equipment allows work in to speeds, the nominal speed and the half nominal speed. The pump can work in both direction of rotation.

Electronic frequency regulator

Compact unit for regulating the flow-rate of the power pump up to 4 kW.