Bombas Yunk

Direct Current Series

The Self-priming Pumps in the Direct Current Series provide efficient, economical solutions to decanting the widest range of Fluids,with a flow-rate from 400 to 1,200 litres/hour.


  • Simple operation: Just one moving part. The discharge turbine is tough and long-lasting. Wear resistant and self-lubricated by the fluid decanted. Free from gearing.
  • Self-suctioning: They are primed instantly.
  • Pump position: The pump body enables a 360º rotation, allowing the outlets to be positioned according to requirements.
  • Reduced maintenance: Requires no attention or greasing. Do not allow it to run idle for longer than normal priming.
  • Versatile: Suitable for volatile or viscous fluids, it admits a larger amount of solids in suspension than other rotary pumps. It turns over any angle and in both rotation directions.
  • Abrasive products: Occasional abrasive or gritty substances in the solution can be decanted normally. Highly abrasive products are not recommended, due to wear and tear of the metal parts.
  • Technical information: The Direct Current pumps are supplied at 12 V. and 24 V.


general use 70°C
for oil and by-products 80°C
for chemical products 110°C
for corrosive products 80°C
for foods use 100°C
for foods use 130°C

Technical characteristics

from 400 to 1.200 l/h
2.000 r.p.m.
C.C. 12 V. - 24 V.

Direct Current Series Models

D-2 Model

CTE r.p.m. C.V. kW A l/h bar
12 V. 2.000 1/10 0,08 11 400 3
24 V. 2.000 1/10 0,08 5,5 400 3

C-2 Model

CTE r.p.m. C.V. kW A l/h bar
12 V. 2.000 1/10 0,08 11 1.200 0,6
24 V. 2.000 1/10 0,08 5,5 1.200 0,6

K-2 Model

CTE r.p.m. C.V. kW A l/h bar
12 V. 2.000 1/8 0,09 15 700 3
24 V. 2.000 1/8 0,09 8 700 3